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When Is A Good Time To Go To Therapy With Holly Essler

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

''I am Holly Essler, Therapist and Owner of Empowering You Therapy LLC. I am a North Dakota native and moved to this beautiful state of Arizona in August of 2018. Although I do miss the Midwest at times (not the cold weather), I truly enjoy the warm weather and outdoors here in Arizona.''

''In my free time I enjoy to spend time with my husband and our two fur babies. I enjoy hiking, traveling, golfing, reading, catching up with friends, talking for hours on the phone with my mom, yoga, occasional retail therapy, and writing.''

Are you wondering when is a good time to go to therapy? Are you worried about what your family might say if you start going?

If so then this is the episode for you.

What we talk about in this episode

We talk about how she became a therapist, when is a good time to go to therapy, how to choose a great therapist for you, what therapy is really like, and the different types of therapy. #therapy #whentogototherapy #mentalhealth #selfcare

To listen to the full episode

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