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How Kristin Mastoras Over 7 Figures From Design

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

''I started my e-commerce career with my first Etsy shop that I opened in 2010, and it grew from there. In 2015 I started running my Etsy shop full-time and experienced exponential growth, selling $600k in 2016.''

''When Etsy unexpectedly shut down my shop one day in 2017, I knew my business was no longer safe. Despite the fact that they ended up reinstating my shop, I knew that things had to change. I jumped headfirst into learning how to successfully move my business from Etsy to Shopify. I spent thousands of hours and over $65k working with top business coaches, took tons of courses, and participated in masterminds. By 2018 I successfully moved 95% of all business off Etsy and onto my own website.''

Do you want to start e commerce store? Are you wondering how you can grow on Pinterest? Do you want to learn how to get more five star reviews on Etsy?

If so then this is the perfect episode for you.

What we talk about

We talk about how she created Miss Design Berry, were she gets the inspiration for her designs, her tips for selling on Etsy, how to use Pinterest for marketing, and how she is pivoting her business right now. (#howtosellonetsy #howtogrowonpinterest #pinterestmarketing)

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