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How To Get Over Your Ex With Your Breakup Bestie

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

''I started Break Up Bestie as an Instagram account and then a blog (and online course) because I wanted to use my own experience to help other people. I am not a therapist or a relationship psychologist, but I am very open about my own mistakes, experiences, and what worked for me. I have my experience to share with you.'' ''I have unfortunately had to experience a very toxic and controlling relationship, an abusive relationship, the crazy codependent relationship where all the guy wanted to do was get married (I broke up with him and he was engaged to another girl 2 months later). The non committed guy, the guy who was in between jobs and ended up moving in with me after a couple weeks- pretty much you name it I’ve gone through it. Not to say I’ve seen it all by any means but I have been able to gather a wide variety of experiences- and that has in turn allowed me to help a wide variety of people.'' ''Since that break up in 2015, I started to get asked by a lot of women in my social circle for advice on how I got through it. I gathered so much amazing advice, writing prompts, books, songs, etc. during my process that I loved then being able to turn it around and help others. Giving advice and helping others was such a key part of my own healing process and had healed me to the point where I am now.''

Do you have the urge to text your ex? Do you want to heal from your breakup? Do you want closure from your breakup?

If so then this is the episode for you.

What we talk about in this episode

We talk about how she created her business Your Breakup Bestie, how to get over your ex, what to do when you feel the urge to text your ex, and how to get closure from your breakup.

Here is the link to our interview

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