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How To Manifest The One And Love Freely

Hey gorgeous! Today's guest is Jennifer Agostini.

''My life started the way most do, parents together, parents happy, parents fight, then parents split. I’m sure you are all familiar with the pattern I’m referring to. I was lucky enough though to have been gifted two step-parents who I share sincere love and adoration with. Already by the age of six, I had a far from “normal” upbringing.

I was a naive child and loved to keep myself busy with a social life and any active activity. I needed ways to consistently shed energy as I was highly hyperactive. Eventually, yoga and meditation ended up being a huge piece of medicine for me. They use my energy in the best ways, but give my mind the space to breathe.

When I was 11, my mom and step-dad decided to start foster care. They wanted to save the world in the ways that they know how (I kind of believe that this is what we are all trying to do in the ways we know how - that is, save the world). I went from being an only child to having well over thirty children coming through our home over the next seven years. They would stay anywhere between a few months until…well, some of them were happily adopted.

Foster children have it rough; and I owe a lot of who I am today to the dynamic upbringing I had. Every single child that came through our front door struggled with something, and there was always one consistent pattern between them all: they were about to dive into a journey of working to find sincere love from within themselves, connection to other people, and freedom to be and do what they wish.

At the time, I had no idea, but I was a huge tool in this journey for them.

At 14 I began teaching swimming lessons, which I did until I was 20. I was always one of the best and regularly suggested teachers, not because I was the greatest swimmer, but because I genuinely connected with and loved all the children, teens, and adults I taught. I had fun, I experienced regular happiness, I felt free with them.

At 16, I started practicing yoga and meditation, and it saved me from my fear and anxiety - which was quite bad at the time.

After completing my undergrad, I immediately jumped into the office world. When I was 22, I had an honours degree, a great social life, I worked for a cool advertising company, and was invited to all of the dopest corporate parties. On the surface, my life was perfect. But underneath it all, I was so lost.

I mentally hurt myself regularly. I had incredibly negative self-talk and a fixed mindset. I dropped out of practicing yoga. I got caught up in partying and looking “cool”. I lost all my confidence. I operated from fear. I fell into anxiety. I was slowly killing any love I had left for myself.

Eventually, I decided it was enough. I quit everything I knew and took a job waitressing in a surf town in the West Coast of Canada. A couple years to come, I thought I was becoming more lost, but turns out, this is when I really began my journey of self-discovery: I was required to love myself, I had to build confidence to take the plunges that I did, and through all of this - I was finding love and happiness.

Self-love, connection, happiness, confidence, fearlessness. These aren’t just skills that we acquire overnight and then, viola! They are deeper principles that we have to work at every single day to keep them alive. Still, after years of diving into personal development and self-awareness practices, I have days where I feel like I am lacking in these. However, the difference is now I know when that happens. And not only do I know it, I am able to pull myself out of it (as long as I give myself permission to).

Permission. The key to it all. And for what is it we need permission?


I loved interviewing Jen! I am so excited for you guys to hear our conversation.

In this episode we talk about

- how to manifest the one

- the benefits of yoga

- what it was like to grow up with brothers and sister in the foster care system

To hear out conversation

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