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How To Grow With Your Partner With Gretchen Jackson

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hey gorgeous! Today's guest is Gretchen Jackson. ''I was a single mom right out of high school. I worked full time in clerical jobs during the day and babysat most nights to help pay to raise my son. I met my husband, Daniel, in 2002. He worked in trades for several companies before deciding to try to start a business of his own. Together we have built an award-winning local low voltage company that has sold millions of dollars in products and services. I happened upon the book You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero a few years ago. I had never been open to any type of personal development before (isn't that what infomercials try to sell you?), but I was HOOKED. I didn't realize I had been holding myself back because of beliefs I had about myself that simply were not true. I went down a rabbit hole and read anything I could get my hands on. I realized I needed to surround myself with like-minded people so I could continue to grow and talk through what I was learning. I am a founding member of {shift}her, a first-of-its-kind mastermind experience created for women by women to help others on their personal and professional development journey. I speak to middle and high school career classes about the importance of trades in the workforce, and how to think outside the box when it comes to education and careers. I speak to teen moms about ways to grow themselves while raising their babies. I coach work teams and groups on how to break through limiting beliefs and live the life of their dreams. I try to fill my head and heart with only growth-centered information and share it with anyone who will listen! It is my passion and purpose to help people realize the life they deserve.''

Are you interested in personal development but your partner is not on board? Do you wants tips on how to start your personal development journey? Are you looking to shift you mindset?

Then this is the episode for you babe!

What we talk about in this episode

  • how she got into personal development

  • how to grow with your partner

  • how she started Beyond Sound & Security with her husband

  • how she started her mastermind ShiftHer.

Here is a sneak peak into our episode

To hear our conversation

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