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Francis Volpe's Journey From Leaving Corporate World To Creating Y Not You Media

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Francis Volpe is one of the co-founders of Forbes, accredited marketing agency Y Not You Media, located in Westchester, NY. Y Not You Media is a social media attention agency who helps large and small businesses grow a sustainable and strong brand with the use of social media.Y Not You Media also develops brand strategies for their clients that produce creative content, management of their social media, and paid advertisements all to generate growth.

Do you want tips on how to grow your Instagram? Are you wondering how you should choose a business partner? Are you trying to figure out how to balance your business and your love life?

If so then this is the episode for you.

What we talk about in this episode

We talk about what it was like growing up with a single mom, what his reconnection was like with his father, how Y Not You Media was created, and his tips on how to dm on Instagram. (#socialmedia #howtogrowoninstagram #instagramgrowth)

Check out the full episode here

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