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How Colin McIntosh Created Sheets & Giggles

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Colin McIntosh Founder & CEO of Sheets & Giggles, a pun-based, eco-friendly bedding brand that launched in May 2018 on Indiegogo with our first product: lyocell bed sheets made from eucalyptus trees.

''Our bedding is softer than cotton, more breathable, and more moisture-wicking, and it also uses up to 95% less water than cotton sheets to make. (Major trade-off: it’s generally more expensive than cotton, and you have to take better care of it [no bleach, cold wash, low heat, etc.].)''

''In our first 6 months in business, we received over 6,000 orders and nearly half a million dollars in revenue, and in September we won first place at Denver Startup Week 2018. In October, we began shipping preorders and got about 4,500 out the door, and we’re still catching up with demand! Nearly ⅘ of our customers are women, and more than half are in their 20s and 30s.''

This photo went viral and really put Colin's brand on the map. We talk about the story behind this photo during our interview.

Are you looking to get funding to start your business?

Do you want tips on how to create good content? Do you want to be able to build a strong team and help them through difficult seasons? Do you believe in sustainability?

If so then this is the perfect episode for you. We talk about how he created his company, how they reached 1 million in sales with the first 12 months, tips for doing a crowdfunding campaign, how to create great content, and what he is doing to really support his team during this time. #crowdfunding #startingaproductbasedbusiness #howtobuildateam

Here is the link to the episode.

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